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Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion means using surgical instruments to perform the abortion.

A surgical abortions is a very safe and effective method of abortion with fewer risks than childbirth.

Surgical abortion is one of the safest and most common medical procedures performed in the United States.

Complications from a first-trimester abortion are considerably less frequent and less serious than those associated with childbirth. The majority of elective abortions are carried out during the first three months of a pregnancy – during the first trimester and they are performed by licensed health care professionals in a clinical setting.

A surgical abortion in the first trimester usually takes only a few minutes and can be performed under local anesthesia or twilight anesthesia.


  • Local anesthesia is a numbing of the cervix, some cramping and pressure can be expected with the local anesthesia option.
  • Twilight anesthesia is conscience sedation administered by the physician intravenously. Patients that choose twilight anesthesia will be alert but comfortable throughout their procedure. All patients are given pre-op medications to help with pain and nausea prior to a surgical abortion.


What to expect

When you arrive at the clinic you will complete a patient health history form. You will be asked to include any current or past health problems, medications, surgeries, pregnancies and allergies.

Our initial evaluation will include your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse.  Additional laboratory testing for is required for Rh blood typing, hemoglobin (anemia) testing, and drug screening.

An ultrasound examination will be done to confirm pregnancy and gestation.

Next you have a private education session where we will discuss the procedure type you have chosen, go over risk and complications, after care instructions, birth control options, and answer any questions you may have.

Prior to the surgical abortion procedure, a brief physical exam will be performed.

If you have decided to have twilight anesthesia this will be administered before the procedure begins.  Once you are adequately sedated our physician will begin the surgical abortion procedure.

A sterile speculum will be placed into the vagina to visualize the cervix. The cervix will be anesthetized or numbed with a local anesthetic. Next small sterile dilators are passed through the cervix to gently open the cervix. A small sterile plastic tube is then placed through the cervix and into the uterus. The pregnancy is then removed by suction.

The entire surgical abortion procedure will take about ten minutes.

 Next you will be taken to our recovery room area. You will be monitored and observed for a minimum of 30 minutes but up to 2 hours.

Medications and post–op instructions will be given. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled and you will then be discharged to your driver.

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